This is the Vapshot Machine. Watch it in Action!

About Vapshot

Here is the “Mini Glow Bar” vaporized alcohol bar:

Step up to the newest trendy party favor, smallest bar in town. Our magical machine turns 1/50 of a shot of liquor into a fun vapor you inhale for the shortest alcohol buzz in town. One vapor shot gives you about 5 minutes of a feeling like being a little giggly on champagne. 20 minutes later it is all over and you can do it again. Served by an interesting character in glowing jacket and fedora. It is not only fun to try but also fun to watch in action.

What is Vapshot?

Vapshot is a refreshing new way to enjoy mix drinks, cocktails or shots. Vapshot is served in specially designed containers, which are pressurized and premixed with various spirits. When served, you simply twist the cap, “pop the top” and a portion of the liquor will instantly vaporize right before your eyes. The vapor is consumed using a straw and will give you an instant buzz! The process brings out the true flavor of the liquor, making it an aromatic and pleasant experience. It’s a wonder to behold and a treat to enjoy.

What’s So Good About Vapshot?

Vapshot (vapor only) is designed to allow you to experience the fun parts of drinking alcohol while minimizing the bad parts. With Vapshot, you can have a great buzz all night with a much lower chance of having a hangover the next day. At 1/60th the amount of a normal shot of liquor, Vapshots may even mitigate the possible health issues stemming from the consumption of alcohol in liquid form. Other social effects of Vapshots may include decreases in drunk driving, resulting in a reduced number of auto accidents and saving lives.

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The VapShot was a huge success at our office party. We had an absolutely great time around the VapShots machine. What can I say, I love a good party.

Tam Shazharia

Lead Developer, for a Fortune 500 company

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