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Create mystery at your event by booking Fortune Tellers to sit with guests. Call Now!

Speak to a Fortune Teller

Hire a mysterious fortune teller to sit and talk with guests at your event. The intrigue alone is addictive and enlightening.  

Types of Readings and fortune telling include:

  • Face
  • Palm
  • Tarot
  • Kiss Reading
  • Crystal Ball
  • Handwriting Analysis
  • Live Fortune Teller in a Box

Our readers have enlightened, entertained, and astounded, yet never predicted impending disasters or dooms. Suitable for all ages.

Perfect entertainment for corporate functions, girls nights, trade shows, bachelorettes, birthday parties, Mardi Gras parties, carnivals, spas, Halloween parties, and grand openings.

Live Fortune Teller in a Box

What looks like it belongs in an arcade will surprise and thrill your guests not only with their fortune card but when they discover it is not an arcade game at all, but a live person in the box!

Requirements: Box is currently only available in DFW and surrounding areas. Box is 8 feet tall and 3 feet square and does require access to power. It is best to have it near a wall, but at least 18 inches away from the wall as I enter through a door on the back. This attraction comes with one staff person to help gypsy in and out of box and to protect the box. Call today to request a quote & save your date – there is only one Gennah!

Kiss Reading

Featured twice on Good Morning Texas, Kiss Reading is the hottest new entertainment in eons!

Our kiss readers have you apply lipstick (we provide) and then ask you to kiss a card, which we also custom print for your event. Then the fun begins as they tell you all about yourself; including what you look for in a spouse, the colors you have in your home or even where you prefer to vacation! Do you like to snuggle, our readers can tell, but this is not fortune telling so much as personality analysis by your kiss. For kids we talk about favorite things to do, aptitudes in school, we can tell if they have a boyfriend or girlfriend too! Perfect for trade shows, birthdays, weddings and showers – and believe it or not – men do it too!


Be different and add something unusual to see at a birthday party, hire a fortune teller in Dallas – Fort Worth to be at your next occasion.

Laura’s bio:

I love being a reader. I love discovering and interpreting symbols and signs for people through several divination techniques: palm reading, tarot cards, astrology, tea leaves and lip print readings. I create a unique one on one experience for my clients whether in a private reading or entertaining at parties and events. A person’s palm is like a biography that reveals strengths, beliefs and habits. Astrology and tarot card readings are personal road maps that foretell if we will have a smooth or challenging journey and how to prepare for the best result. Each cup of tea leaves hold a series of symbols that can never be duplicated. It is its own mini work of art to be admired and interpreted. Lip prints reveal so much about the person who made them and they are so much fun to do.


  • One of eight certified Lipsologists in the world!
  • 20 years of experience working with top Dallas event and entertainment agencies, country clubs and hotels.
  • Clients include Incredible Productions, B3 Entertainment, Park Cities Club and Hotel ZaZa.
  • Private reading, trade shows, private parties and events including Bridal and Baby showers, Girls Nights and more.
  • Palmistry and Tarot Card readings, Astrology, Tea and Coffee Ground readings and Lipology (lip print readings)

The Mystic Kathryn:


Kathryn began learning Tarot, Palm and handwriting analysis at a young age and in 2000 decided to make what had been a hobby for friends and family into something more. She did a tour of state fairs which gave her a wide range of experience and in 2001 Mystic Kathryn was born.

“Giving readings has helped me learn so much over the years. I’ve had people come to me and tell me that I helped them through difficult times in their lives and that has given me the drive and desire to continue.”

Readings available include:

  • Palm (strolling or seated)
  • Aura (strolling or seated)
  • Face (strolling or seated)
  • Tarot or Cartomancy (seated only)
  • Handwriting Analysis (seated only)
  • Rune Stone (seated only)


“Thank you so much for all of your help at the Exxon Mobil Christmas event. Tami and David and the elves were life savers!”


Encore Productions

How it Works

Each reading takes about 3 minutes. You provide one small draped cocktail table with two chairs in a quiet area. We provide: a sample lipstick for each guest, tissues, a mirror, a small trash can, and a customized (custom to your event) kiss card. 

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