Glow in the Dark Tattoos

An Extraordinary way to brighten up any event! Book our glow in the dark tattoo and makeup artists.

Glow in the Dark Face Painting!

Clowning Around are one of the few face painters in Dallas that use airbrush face paint. The paint is applied by airbrush to leave a flawless beautiful finish. It is quicker to apply and will not smear or run when wet. It comes off easily with warm water and soap. Great for those hot summer days in Texas. This paint won’t be all over the place and will look great for hours.  Airbrush face paint is also safe for all skin types and its different to face makeup. It’s simply something everyone LOVES to have at an event.

Need Some Glow in the Dark Face Painting ideas?

Fun, laughter, color, glitter, and all the imagination you can think of, can be created with Airbrush Face Painting. Kids and adults both can get the airbrushing done for a favorite sports team event, kids birthday party, and so many other occasions. Looking for some ideas? Then just give us a call and book your face painters with Clowning Around today!

HIRE A Glow in the Dark Tattoo Artist!

If you are looking for some crazy, wild ideas for your next event, then book our glow in the dark tattoo face painters! Use a label, logo, lettering or custom design.

We Do Glow in the Dark Airbrush Faces

Take a look at our GLOW IN THE DARK Airbrush Faces!

When you thinking about face painting for parties, try our black light fluorescent paint. The glow in the dark paint is a HUGE hit with everyone. Our glow in the dark airbrush faces are a great success factor for any event that is a party in the dark.

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