Solve-It! The Mobile Mystery Game

Our Newest Addition to Clowning Around in Dallas, TX.

The Best Entertainment in Dallas!

Solve It! The Mobile Mystery Game is the newest addition to Clowning Around. We beta test all of our games thoroughly before bringing them to market. Our new Hand Maze Puzzle was developed and built by Bender. It is a one of a kind!

Our Solve It! games are interactive fun puzzles that include thinking, teamwork and dexterity. We are taking the escape room modular for a quick set up and better use of space at your event or office. We have 2 electronic Cubes with lights, magnets and unpredictable solutions. We also have Hand Mazes.

Puzzle Cubes

We personally develop and beta test all our games thoroughly for the most fun experience. After 3 years of providing mobile escape rooms we found that most groups don’t want or need a long involved game. We no longer provide fully immersive games which take about 45 minutes per game play.
We bring you the “all in one” puzzle cube.

Puzzle Hand Maze

We developed a new puzzle that just requires you to solve a hidden maze using only your hands. How fast can you finish the maze? Great for spacial skills and not hard on the brain! Can be done with 1 or 2 at a time. Nice for quick small team challenges.

Solve It! Hand Maze image


Get ready for our new puzzle cube entertainment.

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