Solve It! Solve the Cube

Our Newest Addition to Clowning Around in Dallas, TX.

 Solve the Cube

We personally develop and beta test all our games thoroughly for the most fun experience. After 3 years of providing mobile escape rooms we found that most groups don’t want or need a long involved game. We no longer provide fully immersive games which take about 45 minutes per game play. We bring you the “all in one” puzzle cube. This is a giant puzzle cube that requires 4 to play. It still takes team work and communication like the regular escape games. It only takes about 10 to 15 minutes to play and has no reset time. It does require electricity and needs to be played inside.

Electronic Cubes

We have a very exciting game ready to arrive at your next event. Let us introduce you to the newest game in our Mobile Mystery lineup – Solve the Cube!

We bring in the prop which takes a very short time to set up and not that much space. The question is, “Can you Solve It?

If you would like to know more information, then give us a call today!

Join the Fun!

Clowning Around invites you to try and Solve the Cube! One of our most requested entertainment games is ready for you. Our team are ready to explain exactly how the game works. Call us now to find out more information.

Surprise your employees or guests with an entertainment experience like no other. Solve-It! is for everyone at any skill level. No special knowledge or skills are needed. Bring your creativity and curiosity!

For team building you can observe your team’s communication skills and grace under pressure. New hires can get acquainted with the team.

Solve-It! is perfect for professional development, team building or company outings and private parties.  Solve It! is a different experience they will talk about long after they play, it is not just a game… it is an adventure!


Get ready for our new puzzle play for small people.

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